Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer beauty in Alaska

In about four weeks, the summer in Alaska takes a long time to arrive and thendisappear before you could enjoy the summer. However, with about two-threehours a day, planting the plants live here on the shores of the Arctic blast to grow.There is another side of Alaska that is not necessarily always have to involve thewhite stuff.

Fireweed with a background scenery of Mount McGinnisAlthough Alaska is home to lots of ice and snowsummer is quite warm thereThe second city,AnchorageAlaska, and is protected by a stretch of Chugach Mountains.Warming of Pacific Ocean currents with low humidity and summer temperaturescan rise into the 70s.

In summer you may find of interest on a mountaintop overlooking AnchorageThis does not mean that the entire state of Alaska in the winter darkness and daylightnever ends in a short summer.

In the South Arctic Alaskaevery place does have a summer evening-even if it'sonly an hourAnchorage in the south, where you can even read a newspaperoutside the room at two o'clock in the morning.


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