Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poveglia, there is soul in Italian Island

Yesterday idly browsing the internet see news like this. Poveglia is a small island located between Venice and the Lido in Venice Lagoon in Italy. according to sources, the island is uninhabited and closed to the public as a very dark history. Here is "supposedly" story:

Italy in 1576 exposed to the bubonic plague or the so-called 'black plague'. Because the deadly and incurable, thousands of corpses began piling up and making the environment worse. People began to panic, so they took all the bodies to the Island Poveglia and burn them. They also dig holes in the Island for the bodies. More horrible again, when the law starts. ie every person no matter infants, children, or adults who have signs of plague would be exiled to this island to die in agony. estimated at more than 160,000 people have died horribly in poveglia.

In 1922, a mental hospital was built on the island. Myth says that the hospital operator is an evil mad doctor who uses his patients to experiment. That said, the doctor is doing experiments like lobotomy using tools such as hammers and manual hand drill. In addition because of pressure from doctors, patients also get interference, which he says comes from the ghost haunts the bubonic plague victims but no one believed him because they are considered insane

Photos Inside the Tower is said that after a while, the doctor felt the presence of spirits poveglia curious. Finally, doctors began to see the spirit itself and jump (or thrown?) From the bell tower of his death. Rumors say the doctor's corpse planted (dibata) in the tower. Until now, poveglia still a very scary place. And has been included in the tv show 'scariest place on earth'. There are rumors that say Venetian fishermen do not want to look for fish in this area as they often find the remains of human corpses. In addition, he said often heard the sound of the bell tower when there is no bell in there ..

Not known exactly what equipment is used to but this is the equipment owned by the hospital physician

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This is amazing information for my personal research and studies. Thank you for putting this out there.

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