Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Typical French food delicious

Cuisine bourgeoise
Cuisine bourgeoise ("classic cuisine") is a kind of culinary categories, includingtype of classic dishes that used to be a type of regional cuisine. This type of dishlooks full of variety and use lots of cream sauce.

Haute cuisine
Haute cuisine or cuisine Grande ("grand cuisine") is a kind of classic cuisine servedin a unique and extremeHis trademark is an elegantlivelyluxuriouslikely due tothe use of heavy cream that muchAppearance of the dish was carefullyconsideredsuch as vegetables should be cut with a precise and uniform sizeThe materials used are of the highest qualityThis type of cuisine known for its high price.

Cuisine du terroir
Cuisine du terroir is a type of cuisine that focuses on the development of local specialty dishCharacteristic of this cuisine is rather to be kedaerahan.Bahanmaterials used are of local typical productsAt this timeCuisine du terroir attractmore French people that had great development.


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