Thursday, February 9, 2012

style sleeping in class

style sleeping in class. Almost every student had to feel a sense of sleepiness in the classroom, especially pd jam2 treadmilllessons or teachers, and often falling asleep in class intentionallyor not with various styles.

Tired style
Usually the attitude of sleep is frequently seen when teachers teach with the voice / attitude of a very dull monotone.
Body language: Class boring

Classical style
This classic style allows students easy resume with falling asleep,but sleep style is easy to get caught by the teacher.
Body languageTeachers .... I am so tired

Ostrich style
Style you want to look for students who do not feel safehewanted to sleep but afraid tertangkap.ketahuan.
Body languageTeachers can not see me

elegant style
This style is usually seen pd female studentsthey are notconcerned with the lessonswhich exist within their minds is theideal co
Body languageOh my prince

style boss
In generalthe style of bed is only held by students who dare(student thugs), does not respect the teacherthis makes orang2pd shook his head
Body languageI want to sleep.

style double
A collaboration of two people who both students who want tosleepignoring the lessons.
Body languageWe are a team who work well

Students describe the style of this bed rebels
Body languagea soft pillow

Style couch / table
Simple but it was too much. sleeping like at home alone, ignoringthe presence of a teacher, a teacher who loses authority and respect which is overlooked by students inclined.
Body language: If you want to sleep ... distinguished sleep

and other style of sleeping


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