Thursday, January 12, 2012

cheriebelle the next generation girlband asian

cheriebelle the next generation asian girlband. cheriebelle is one girlband from asia who have extraordinary talent. girlband come from Indonesia. for some future time cheriebelle will be able to predict this in parallel with the origin of Korean girlband like snsd. we already know that the current girlband girlband kore is the most famous in Asia and even the world. cheriebelle aakan but also dare to compete other than personnel also have pretty good songs.


In this debut CherryBelle present in the Indonesian music scene with a musical style that may already be familiar in the ear of the audience of K-Pop. Although many emerging start Girlband similar, but CherryBelle have something worthy to be appreciated more. Apart from a young age that allows them to move more energetic style of dance that was more powerful jamming and varied vocal and strong character make CherryBelle expected to become a Girlband Indonesia that will inspire many young people of Indonesia. CherryBelle first appearance begins with the release of their first single, entitled DILEMMA


Anonymous said...

hy ka chibi.nie aq 'MELINDA' aq ngefens banget sma kaka-kaka CHERRYBELLE?

Anonymous said...

hy ka chibi apa kbar ? semoga baik BAIK saja kak aq ngefens banget sama kaka CHERRYBELLE?

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