Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ships in the World with the Ultimate Personal Wrapped in Gold 100 Ton

People know the boss club Chelsea, Roman Abramovich, as the crazy billionaire yacht. Earlier this year, Abramovich invested his money amounting to 200 million pounds (equivalent to Rp 2.8 trillion) for super luxury yacht. Yacht named Eclipse that is personally most luxurious ship ever built.


What makes a yacht called the History of Supreme's need that kind of money? This is not the ordinary yacht. The entire body along the 30-meter yacht is wrapped with gold, also features on the surface of the vessel. Not only because the material is expensive, but the ship design is also very luxurious.


Master bedroom decorated with platinum accents. This ship was made for three years by Stuart Hughes, the famous jewelry artists from Liverpool, England.

According to Hughes, the main features of the vessel wall space yacht is made of material selection are hard to find on earth, namely the T-Rex dinosaur bones and all original meteorite. Even ships belonging to the employer whose identity was kept secret also has a solid anchor of gold.

He added that the project of making gold yacht is the toughest job of his career. It took him three years to plan, including the manufacturing license to use these scarce materials.


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