Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Reinvention of the Wheel - Efficient Folding Bike from Mexico

Bike called The Reinvention of the Wheel features a more antique than the other eco-friendly bicycle. The Wheel consists of six modules, each of which has a double shaft at every bend, making it easier for the wheels to be folded into smaller parts.

In fact, the radius of the wheels are also a part of the wheel structure itself can be removed or put back together to form a circular wheel. As for an easy gear mounted at the center of each wheel spokes The Reinvention of the Wheel.

The structure used is a double bike triangule, which consists of several modules that have been expanded mechanism. Each device can be divided into smaller dimensions and then aligned to the next rotation, thus forming a mutually mengkait position like the letter X and ends up becoming an antique bicycle, exclusive and comfortable stay.

These city bikes are designed specifically for the cyclist (bikers) who want to save space, because it is easily stored and transported when not in use anymore



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