Thursday, November 10, 2011

Go Green Most Unique Idea

Offer discounts to customers who want to use a bicycle
A brothel in Berlin came up with innovative ways to attract customers during the economic crisis, by doing something to help prevent climate change at the same time. They offer discounts to customers who arrive by bicycle. According to Thomas Goetz, owner of the brothel 'Maison d'envie', customers who arrive by bicycle or by public transport to get 5 (£ 4.30) discount from the usual € 70 60) fee for 45 minutes each session
The company created a desktop printer that does not use ink or paper
Who says a printer by using the paper to print a document? Unlike the conventional printer, PrePeat adopt thermal head to print on special plastic sheets buatan.PrePeat also claimed by the manufacturers, each one sheet of paper can be used up to 1000 times so that you will reduce spending on paper usage.

Universities with the construction of green roofs as a gathering place for students

Green design is a very popular trend in modern architecture, School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapura.Memiliki roof who serves as an informal meeting room with the idea of ​​linear, this roof creates an open space, protecting the building, cool the surrounding air and hold rain water for landscape irrigation.
Designers created a sink that uses the waste water for watering plants
The sink is custom-made by young designers from Montreal Jean-Michel Gauvreau is made of concrete, which has a channel that allows the water used when washing your hands can flow directly into any water tanaman.Sehingga who wasted not wasted because it can be used for watering the plants who are next to them.
Toiletries can reply automatically to conserve water

20% of our total domestic energy use is from the hot water for bathing and mandi.Dengan more than 6 times the energy use of domestic lighting, designer Tommaso Colia come up with a design eco-friendly toiletries, bath appliance has dirancsang to issue a limited water, then if you spend the time to take a bath too long, then it will stop issuing water automatically.


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