Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Unique snacks Cinemas of the World

Iwashi Senbei, Japan

I first saw this snack, then we probably can think of is a kind of bacon strips but it is a sardine rice krackers otherwise known as iwashi Senbei. To get a sense of sweet and savory, thin mini-sardines are baked with sugar and soy sauce.

Dried Cuttlefish, Korea
Cuttlefish or squid similar but with a thicker texture was drained and sliced ​​thin so good to eat as a snack, and certainly the favorite while watching at the cinema.

Beluga Caviar, Russian

This food is usually only in the VIP seats because the price is expensive. Made from eggs and beluga caviar is the most expensive type

Samosas and Vada, India


Surely you already know enough about samosas yes, snack-like pastels, but it's more kicking because spiced curry. Meanwhile vada is made from potatoes, flour and lentils. These snacks are very popular as a movie snack.

Fish Cakes and Beer, Barbados


These foods are usually sold in restaurants, food vendors on the street as well as in theaters. Fish cakes made ​​from salted cod fish, baking powder and spices. It was not too salty and usually eaten with beer.

Souvlaki, Greece


Snacks are quite popular in Greece is in the form of meat and vegetables, usually eaten with soda and nachos.

Meet dried Reindeer, Norway


This seems most bizarre snacks deh, because the dried deer meat is most popular as a snack for watching a drive-in in the snowmobile. Located in Kautokeino, Norway, including the cinema screen made ​​of snow.


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