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10 mythological creatures japan

Japanese folklore is unique and no end to discussion. Often we recognize the various ghosts and legends of Japan from the movie or anime. Here will be explained a few of these creatures. Some may already know, but you should see the others.
1. Kappa

Agan maybe not too surprised when I first saw the picture of this creature. It looked like a little devil, often called monkeys of water. Kappa has a notch above his head and the indentation is filled with water from the original springs. If water is spilled, lost their magical power. Kappa usually drink blood but it depends whether he's good or bad. Kappa love cucumbers and when there are families who want to be protected Kappa or avoid bad luck, they usually write their names on the cucumber and threw it in the pool Kappa. These creatures are known as polite and always keep their promises. The strange thing in the story in Japanese folklore Kappa is the number of different versions of Kappa. There is a one-eyed Kappa, Kappa furry, timid Kappa, Kappa mountaineers and even party Kappa.
2. Heikegani

The reason why Heikegani on this list is because they really exist. Heikegani Crab is one of Japan's native arthropod species. Originally, the Japanese myth states that bear the face of this crab Heike samurai who was killed in the battle of Dan-no-ura, and indeed the body of the crab-like human face. Carl Stock said in the past, Japanese people only eat the crabs Heikegani samurai who does not like the face so that they can survive and have offspring. Today, most of these crabs have a body that resembles a human face (even if only 1 or 2 inches in diameter). These crabs are rarely eaten.
3. Kasa-obake

Kasa-type Tsukumogami obake is, objects that suddenly come alive after a hundred years. The idea of ​​inanimate objects that suddenly life seems reasonable to view the beginnings of a variety of folklore or legend. The strange thing about Kasa-obake is that they have their own name, only to separate them from other Tsukumogami. It is true, Kasa-obake is an umbrella name handlebars.

4. Nuppeppo

Not much information about Nuppeppo. Nuppeppo blob of human flesh is the devil. They walked with their hands and are often found in an empty tomb or shrine at midnight. Where do they come? Why do they live? What is the smell they sting? Why most pictures they look cute? We do not have much information about this horror movie fodder.
5. Makura-gaeshi

What is unique of Japanese folklore is because sentient creature who likes to do strange things. Makura-gaeshi is mischievous spirit of the famous people like to shift the pillow during sleep. Some sources say they also like to sprinkle sand in the eyes of humans and steal the soul, but the best known of this ghost prank is like sliding a pillow (seriously). There is no story that describes how far removed the pillow, some sources tell me they just dropped the pillow when the owner fell asleep.

6. Mokumokuren

Mokumokuren also one of the Japanese demon who likes to do strange things. In ancient Japan, sliding doors made of plain paper. Surely the paper could be perforated and torn. Mokumokuren is the spirit that inhabits the perforated paper sliding doors. If the owner of the paper sliding doors and lots of sloppy holes, many Mokumokuren a peek through the hole. Indeed this is a bit scary. The only way to get rid of Mokumokuren is fixing holes door.
7. Konak Jiji

Konak Jiji is a nasty little creature. This ghost-shaped baby and hiding the remote mountainous areas dai innocent pedestrians waiting to pass. When the victim is in sight, Konak Jiji started crying, and pedestrians who have a heart surely will seek out and stop the crying baby with comfort. Though it is a big mistake. When Konak Jiji lifted, the weight will grow unbearable. Some sources say they could grow hungga 350 kilograms, enough to create serious damage to anyone who picked it up. Sometimes the victim can not drop the Konak Jiji was paralyzed. However, if anyone can survive with severe Konak Jiji, it will give you supernatural powers.
8. Akaname

Akaname can be interpreted as a 'sycophant dirt', and it's not wrong. Akaname is a type of Japanese ghost who licks the bathroom mengeriikan dirty with the help of the tongue and poisonous saliva. It is believed to be a way of parents to their children maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom.
9. Ittan Moment

Ittan moments seem pretty harmless, although only a piece of white cloth 33 feet long. Beas habit of flying at night, a bit odd, but not too scary. This creature is not scary, until they commit their crimes. They wrapped his head and crushes the skull to death. Even so, Ittan happy moments if you get the trust of the people to wear. It remains a mystery.
10. Shirme

The latter is perhaps the most bizarre. Shirme is the name for the man whose eyes were on the anus. Not much information about him today. In fact, there is only one story about Shirme recorded, and the story is very popular author of stories and maker Yosa Buson Japanese artist who is in his paintings. The story of Shirme it tells the story of a samurai who was walking alone on even days when someone called him. He turned and saw a mysterious man undressing and showing her ass and glistening eyes emerge from it. Samurai took fright and fled. Since then Shirme was never seen again.


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