Sunday, August 14, 2011

War Most Legendary of All Time, 300 VS 170 000 People!

It does not apply for Spartan Soldiers, Those who have a motto: "Win or die", Gives a very strong resistance to the Persian Soldiers to 3 Days Persian army that killed 70,000. Unfortunately, they lost because there is a traitor who tells Hole Cons Of this Spartan warrior. Eventually they were defeated in the third day. 300 killed 70,000? Unhuman

Strategy and Situation
We Will Soon Know the situation and what strategies are applied King Leonidas, so they can withstand the Persian Army Over 3 Days. previous picture below is the actual scene of battle.

The strategy?

King Leonidas deliberately to choose to fight in narrow places in order to hinder the enemy play 'mob'. in the end they still faced an enemy that is commensurate with their 1 VS 1. but worth a thumbs up endurance and their courage.but of course everyone is curious about, how they can be defeated in this battle?

The defeat of Sparta Spartan At War

The Spartans lost because local residents named Ephialtes betrayed the Greeks by telling a small road that leads to the rear Greece. we see small street is:
Persian Army finally go in there without being noticed by the Spartans, the Spartan defense and stabbed from behind. Nor should they swallow kekelahan heroic. They Fought to the death.

Chronology of the War

First and Second Day
Landed Persian army at Thermopylae in the first day. War broke out. Second gate successfully penetrated, and they are directly confronted with the spartan. This Ongoing War 2 Day. very deadly.

day Three 

Third Day, the Day in which the traitor Leaking small road, lies the weakness of the Spartans. That day the heroic fighters Autumn All.


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