Sunday, August 28, 2011

Researchers believe 27 years from now Earth Hour

The researchers are now 99 percent sure that events of mass destruction on Earth occur on a regular basis, seteratur rotating clockwise. That the findings of scientists from the University of Kansas and the Smithsonian Institute in the United States after they mapped all the Armageddon since 600 million years ago.Astrophysicist from the University of Kansas, Dr.. Adrian Melott, and palaeontologis of the Smithsonian Institute, Dr.. Richard Bambach, expressed in that period in Earth Hour happen at least once every 27 million years.And the cause of the coming apocalypse, according to the researchers, it was not global warming.
Then what?Our planet has always crossed the comet showers every 27 million years, and it is extremely rare Earth got away safely. Over 20 times past his death, the Earth just got away from the pinhole and retain most of the biological organisms that live on it, as many as six times.
The most famous is the catastrophe 65 million years ago, when the asteroid hit Earth 15 kilometers wide, at a point which is now the territory of Mexico, with billions of times the power of the atomic bomb and then wiped out the dinosaurs from the face of the Earth.
Worse, the period of rotation of Judgement is not really accurate. Sometimes, asteroids hit all living things on earth, 10 million years sooner than necessary.
But, do not rush to panic. There is still good news.It is about the Nemesis, a dark twin star of the sun. During this time, Nemesis is always blamed to be the culprit. General theory is this: once every 27 million years, Nemesis across the belt of dust and ice giants called the Oort cloud, and because of it and then throws comets to Earth.
Now, scientists say, because the doomsday scenario occurs so regularly, Nemesis is not might be the main cause because its orbit will change over time for so long.But, this does not mean that the Nemesis, which is located about one light year from the sun-will no longer ejects the Oort cloud comets her all over our galaxy. Today, comets were beat up the other planets beyond Earth.
So, since last Armageddon happened 11 million years ago, then based on this theory, a new Earth will be 16,002,010 in the year-end instead of two years, as Roland Emmerich filmed in "2012."

That is, we encourage you to breathe a sigh of relief-relief-as long as global warming does not immediately create another doomsday.


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