Saturday, July 30, 2011

tribes in the world that have the most powerful magic


The Gypsy is a wanderer, a mysterious race, scattered throughout Europe and parts of Asia, Africa and America. Gypsy tribes are actually people who do not have a permanent home, or so-called nomadic. But if we embarrass them, so they do not hesitate to get the word out to us the smell of death.
Perhaps worst of Lamia is the magic that people use Gypsy. Usually the magic is used for punishment. The way it works is by taking something that belongs to us, either buttons, pens, etc., and cast a spell on the object. Lamia va lua sufletele lor,? I le was in locul s? U sufletele in cazul in care nu va fi din Nou reîncarnare (Lamia take his soul after a few days, and took him to endless torment).
One thing to remember, do not be fooled by their finery.

Indian tribe is a tribe, nation, or group or community of indigenous peoples in America.
American rural communities most evil magic is Na Munda. This is different to voodoo in Haiti. Usually the Indians perform this magic by summoning spirits using their bodies to the singing of the media or the spells and special dances. This magic will cause death without a trace. Lately this magic is also used to heal and forecasting.

Bulgarian Mystery is a collection of people from Bulgaria who had high levels of long-distance magic. This magic is used to turf at the time of the division of regions in Eastern Europe.
Bulgaria's most terrifying magic community is singing. Malka Moma high notes sung by the magic that is unique and different from other tribes. But now this magic is not there anymore. It is now used as a cultural community in Bulgaria
Kiyuku is the name of a tribe in Africa, is a fraction of the Murci and Dassanech. Kiyuku looking for a way to move from the area of ​​Africa to Ethiopia.
Witchcraft is owned Kiyuku Kiyuku Dancer or dance. The local community itself has not mengetahiu clearly what is meant by the dance. Some say it rain, Witchcraft, there are even some who say these people can turn the desert into the snow
Maya is a collection of remarkable people who are in the interior forests of Mexico and Guatemala. Are among the most modern of the era because it can calculate the star calendar, and a mathematician.
Do not think that the Maya only the tribes who have numeracy course, Toltec is the name, or nickname of the oldest Maya, or can be called wise. They have the ability to summon rain, the power in the war, and bring the sun to do the god form of the human heart that comes from their tribe or an enemy. This tribe is fighting the Indians.
Maasai is a tribe from Kenya. Arrogant, Fearless and Free, is a suitable epithet for them. Over the past 100 years, the Maasai do not take or glued to the rule, peace in the war, money to live, and so on.
Magic they tend to pray, they have a god named Enkai. No wonder why the Maasai tribe called "Warriors". Allegedly with the help of Enkai, they can run as fast as a lion and also become immune


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