Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5 Beautiful Flower Garden of Europe

Royal botanical gardens London

This is one of the most beautiful gardens you'll find. Has area 300 hectares, and there are 40,000 plants that really keeps you comfortable to linger here. Need more time to see the whole garden. At least two tour groups allowed in a day and you can book your tour in advance. There are so many options that will make you get confused to see first. You will find lots of stunning views and beautiful. Make sure you visit the glass houses. There are several large structures from the Victorian. That is the palm house and the home climate. In addition there are some new glass house. Do not miss the water park. There are more than a hundred kinds of plants grow there. Walk through the gondola allows you to see things from a different view.
Royal botanical gardens Scotland

An area of ​​70 acres is a beautiful garden and located in the city. The best time to go there is in the afternoon. There are several things that must be seen, the spots in the park that includes rock, and also the health of Scottish gardens. There is also the Queen Mother's garden where there are plants from around the world. Do not forget also to see the hills of China, there are many collections of plants in there that come from china. There are also the greenhouses, the greenhouse also do not miss victoria and enjoy the view of palm trees and tropical flowers look.
Generalife di Spanyol

Never miss this place if you go to Spain. This garden is also referred to as a form of landscape art. This is a very beautiful place situated on the plateau. There are nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains. Gardens of the 13th century. Previously only filled with orchards and pastures green. Over a period of time, they have evolved into a very beautiful place filled with roses and lilies as well as a swimming pool. Is the place to indulge your eyes if you sit and look at the natural beauty there. Enjoying the beauty of the green with birdsong and the scent of flowers....
Nymphenburg Palace gardens di Munich

A wonderful place to spend time in the morning and appreciate the beauty of nature. See the royal gardens of the 17th century and has changed. Starting from a small park and then grow big. There are also statues of the Greeks, gods and also the big pond. There are many different types of plants and birds such as swans. Being an excellent picnic spot with families. You will really enjoy this place 

Monet’s garden di Prancis

This beautiful garden is connected to the village of Giverny. Park near the residence of Claude Monet make this garden more beautiful. There are beautiful flowers are colorful and also a pool that makes the atmosphere calm and peaceful


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