Friday, July 15, 2011

3 The most horrible death because life is buried alive

Madame Bobin,1901 

In 1901 Madame Bobin being pregnant just arrived from West Africa, and he suffers from yellow fever. He then transferred to a hospital in tkutkan krn to infectious diseases. There his health deteriorated and apparently died and buried. A nurse later said he saw that the body was not cold and that there is a reaction to the abdominal muscles and expressed the opinion that he could have been buried too cepat.setelah reported on madam's father bobin, kuburnyapun in the dig. They were very shocked to discover that the baby has born and died with Madame Bobin in the coffin. The autopsy showed that Madame Bobin not contracted yellow fever and died of asphyxiation in the casket. health officials in the lawsuit and pay a fine of £ 8,000 ($ 13,000) for the error diaknosanya.
New York Times Pasal,1885

"Asheville, NC, Feb. 20.-A man of this Flat Creek Township
(Buncombe) County by the name of Jenkins, a high fever for several weeks, until one day he was just silent, his body cold and clammy, and he can not merspon anything, and there appears to be no heartbeat.
He eventually thought to be dead and prepared for burial, oddly enough, his body is not rigid like a corpse in general when incorporated into the coffin funeral officials say that the person's body limber hidup.ikabar gathering has now become common conversation and began stirring the community Nothing is done about this problem until day 10, when that the coffin was adopted for the purpose in pndahkan on family land
in pemakamn Henderson County .. The coffin was opened by his brother,
with a sense of wonder and horror that ama is, he witnessed his brother's corpse lying face down, and
hair has been falling out with the amount, and there are scratches from fingernails
on the inside of the lid and sides of the coffin. These facts answer the question why he died but it does not look like the dead. jenasahnyapunikemudian taken to the Henders

Maria Norah 1871

Norah is the adopted daughter Mary Moore Mrs. Chew. Maria was pronounced dead from cholera and was buried in the vault Chew in an old French cemetery in Calcutta. The surgeon who declared dead was a man who will benefit by the death of Norah, and also tried to kill his mother adopsinya.Maria put in a pine box and nailed it shut. Ten years later, in 1881 the dome was opened to enter the body of Mrs. Moore's sister. Upon entering the vault, assistant caretaker found her coffin lid on the floor. Its framework position half in and half out of the coffin. Apparently after she woke from the trance buried and struggled until he was able to force membukatutup nya.setelah open coffin coffin, when he fainted and fell in front of the d edges of the coffin of his head hit a rock shelf that eventually killed him.


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