Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2013 Natural Earth Return 'Ice Age'?

Predicted the Earth will enter 'Little Ice Age' or a new ice age in the coming years due to low solar activity, as expressed to the researchers.
The phenomenon of activity on the sun spots, which followed each annual cycle, will reach its peak in 2013, after which it will begin to slightly reduced. But astronomers think the next rise will be less intensive than normal, or may fail to occur altogether. 

Launched by the Telegraph, on Thursday (06/16/2011) for several decades, Europe experienced a remarkable winter very often, and when it came to be called the Little Ice Age. Although there is no conclusive evidence that mutual mempengeruhi each other, many scientists believe that.
Sunspot is a dark little hole in the sun's surface, caused by a small area of ​​strong magnetic activity that interferes with the normal flow of intensely heated gas. 

Paradoxically when there are sunspots are larger, the overall result of the sun called the total solar radiation or total solar irradiance (TSI) is also high.
Frank Hill, of the National Solar Observatory in New Mexico, who works at one of the study, said, "The fact that there are three separate lines of evidence all pointing the same direction is very interesting."
But Joanna Haigh professor of atmospheric physics at Imperial College London, said, "global warming can happen to a cooling effect on Earth's climate." He also added. 

During that time the temperature in northwestern Europe almost 1 degree Celsius lower than normal, and about 0.5 degrees Celsius lower than the global average.
However, he cautioned, "Even if the prediction is correct, the effects of global warming will exceed the ability of the sun to cool even in the coldest scenario. And in any case, there is only a temporary cooling effect. When solar activity back to normal, then the greenhouse gases will not go,


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