Thursday, June 30, 2011

Japan Aerospace Aircraft Awarded Guinness World Record

Japan Aerospace Aircraft Awarded Guinness World Record. Unmanned aircraft owned by Japan's Hayabusa was awarded the Guinness World Record as the first spacecraft to bring the material back to Earth from asteroids. Hayabusa mission did not go smoothly, but decorated with a variety of misfortunes ... and luck.

Shortly after its launch in 2003, Hayabusa must face the solar flare (solar flares), the largest ever. When the sun releases enormous energy into space. Beacon "fired" the cloud of electrons, ions and atoms through the corona into space. Due to solar flare radiation produced, the Hayabusa's damaged solar panels, reducing the energy supply to the engine.


Nevertheless, the Hayabusa still managed to arrive at the asteroid Itokata, asteroid 500 meters wide and shaped like a potato, in 2005. Arrival in the late S-type asteroid two-month schedule.

As I approached the asteroid, Hayabusa should drop a small robot to land on the asteroid surface. Unfortunately, when the release of robotic systems, distance calculation led away from the Hayabusa asteroid. Robots do not successfully dropped into the asteroid and hovered in the sky.

Hayabusa mission control finally fixed landing on an asteroid. However, a tool that should be gathering dust in the asteroid failed to work and tools that should be shot in the asteroid dust to rise and are collected by the dust collector failed to carry out the task.

Although it must confront another issue - including a leak of fuel, the failure of the driving tool, as well as communication breakdown - Hayabusa made ​​it back to Earth on 13 June 2010, three years behind schedule. The plane burned in the atmosphere over Australia and the sample carrier capsule landed safely. The most exciting news: the capsule actually contains dust particles from the asteroid Itokawa.

A year after that, Guinness World Records awarded Hayabusa who took six billion miles in the course of 7 years. 


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