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5 Hacker Most beautiful woman in the world

5 Hacker Most beautiful woman in the world, Hacking, harsh underground world of a unique nan. Most experts in the field of hacking circles dominated by men. But, who would have thought were too many women taking part in this world. The ability and his action was not inferior to the adam. The following discussion Top 5 Female Hackers exist in the World.

Ying cracker

cracker ying, a teacher from Shanghai China. He taught about basic guide the process of hacking, how to change the IP address or manipulate passwords office! He is also expert in making software hackers. In a forum titled Chinese Hackers Hottie, whose name was widely discussed and it made the climb in popularity. The forum also he has a lot of fans. It was the beginning credibility soar.  

Xiao Tian

Remembered with the word hacker, which usually occurred in the shadows is a bookworm with thick glasses with a lifestyle that mess. But it does not apply to Xiao Tian. 

He is a hacker who and lifestyle is so neat, dynamic impressed even feminine. he was also very interested in fashion, especially shoes. In his blog he used to share stories about places he had ever attended. That is the reason why Shaw has many fans and followers in the world, especially the men. 

Xiao Tian, ​​becoming known since the age of 19 years. After forming the China Girl Security Team, one of the biggest female groups of special hacker in china. Their work in the world of hacking is also no doubt. The giant search engine number one in the world, Google has ever felt the onslaught of Tian and his team. Xiao Tian sophisticated attacks against infrastructure systems google china. In fact, Google ultimately does not hold and chose to withdraw all its operational services in China due to hackers who hit the barrage

Joanna Rutkowska

Joanna Rutkowska is a polish woman interested in the hacking world security. His name first became known after the Black Hat Briefings conference in Las Vegas, August 2006. Where was Rutkowska presented the attacks he had done to the security system windows vista. Not only that, Rutkowska also been attacked Trusted Execution Technology and Intel's System Management Mode. 


In early 2007 he formed Invisible Things Lab in Warsaw, Poland. A company that focuses on OS security research also VMM and Internet security consulting services. The year 2010 also Rutkowska with Rafal Wojtczuk form Qubes, an Operating System that is fully protected as security. Rutkowska also never give open advice to Vice President of Microsoft's Security Technology Unit to further tighten security system in windows vista. Waw, Rutkowska is a hacker which is very welcome to be invited to cooperate.

Kristina Svechinskaya

Kristina Svechinskaya is a New York University student who was arrested on 2 November 2010 and then for breaking into millions of dollars from several banks in Britain and America. With 9 other people, Svechinskaya hacked thousands of bank accounts and an estimated total of fresh money that has been digasaknya that about 3 million dollars.

Svechinskaya along with the team initially target the amount of money he stole was about 220 million dollars. Svechinskaya using the Zeus Trojan horse to attack thousands of bank accounts. He has at least 5 world bank accounts to disburse the funds. In the action, the Svechinskaya also have forged passports and for that he demanded a total sentence of 40 years in prison if convicted. As seen in the picture, beautiful girl used bra is made of diamond. Svechinskaya also dubbed as the world's sexiest hackers. Yes, because it is the view face, eyes and the style of dress Svechinskaya can make people do not blink.

Raven Adler

In the final sequence, we have Raven Adler. A gothic-looking women who are interested in the Internet world, especially the world of hacking. Raven is the first woman to ever present at the DefCon hacker conference. Attention focused full conference course for him. But he said he did not want to take advantage of her gender as a woman to boost its credibility as a hacker. In many instances also, she's not very happy to be called as 'Hacker Women'. He preferred to be seen because of his skill, not because of the special position as a woman. Currently he is actively designing, testing and auditing the security detector system for a variety of federal agencies. In addition, on the sidelines kesibukanya he also painstaking study of Matsumura Shorin Ryu martial.


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Your English is absolutely atrocious. Please read more and brush up on your command of the English language. And please learn how to differentiate between "him" and "her". All in all, your English sucks.

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Your english is not perfect, but you are good. Good job!

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Awful article , you shouldn't have bothered yourself and wrote it . plus , not every girl of those that you have listed is a real hacker .

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