Tuesday, June 7, 2011

4 Types of Alien estimated Ever Come On Earth

4 Types of Alien estimated Ever Come On Earth, Information about the types of aliens who had met with the man quite a lot. However, there are four main types of aliens who are often called, and the four types alian, among others.


His body of man or sometimes larger, with mouth that is wider than the human mouth. His body was like a kind of snake or lizard, green, and somewhat scaly. Reportedly, there are some among them who have wings. The picture that best describes this alien species is the "winged demon." Not all of these winged reptilian species. What is the winged Draco species or "dragon", while that is not often classified in this type of winged serpent or "snake". From kesaksikan several witnesses, alien type reportedly worked for the alien Greys Reptoid type this


Forms of alien species is most similar to humans, only slightly larger shape slightly, with blond hair (white), athletic body, blue-eyed and in communication often heard with access nordic (Scandinavian). They expected a group that was mentioned in the Book of Enoch I as "the son of Gods" or "the Fallen Angel". One equation with the testimony of a man who never met an alien species, namely Billy Meier, he said that the meeting with an alien named Semjase Nordics type derived from the Pleiades. The equation, in the Book of Enoch I, "the fallen angels" were named Semjaza. According to the testimony of people who never met this Nordics aliens, they say that the Nordics aliens is partially working with the alien Greys are aliens and their masters reptoid type. Several witnesses abducted by aliens stated that they also see the type of human than alien Greys. Allegedly, in fact it is not human, but alien species Nordics.
Alien Nordics type is sometimes done in collaboration with Hitler (Nazi) at the time of World War II, where the war is often met the Foo Fighter, a strange aircraft (UFOs) are widely watched by U.S. pilots, the UK and Japan. That is why, too, glorify Hitler Aryans great with white hair / blond and blue eyed.

This class is the result of genetically modified (hybrid) between aliens with human. The shape is not perfect like humans, sometimes in the form like a child, hair and head slightly larger when compared with normal human head. Some hybrids also exist that resemble humans, there are hairy and some are without hair. His skin was pale and eyes tend to like the alien Greys. Some suspect that the Men in Black is an alien hybrid who cover their large eyes with sunglasses. Additionally creature chupacabra (goat sucker) is a result of hybrid as well. Genetically modified (hybrid) was allegedly an attempt to create alien beings could live freely / longer in the human dimension.


He was small with grayish colored skin. It seems an alien race of the working class or engineer. Is his trademark black-eyed big. This species is reportedly common human dijumpa and often perform abduction (alien abduction). In addition, this type reportedly crashed in Roswell and is now reportedly conspiring with the U.S. military in secret. Alien Greys type is rumored to belong to an alien species of insects with a face like a grasshopper. Alien Greys type is the most popular types of aliens, even the stamp is used as a trademark of Alien Workshop.


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