Thursday, May 19, 2011

581d planet there is life

Gliese 581d is behind the cosmic earth. The scientists suspect Gliese 581d has the atmosphere, ocean, clouds, and rain. The planet was warm and wet enough so that aliens could live there. 

Size Gliese 581d is estimated two times larger than Earth. Gliese 581d is in the Goldilocks zone. This region is not too cold and heat, allowing the water was there. 

British scientist, Dr Robin Wordsworth, who led a team in Paris has been studied Gliese 581d. According to Wordsworth, though alien could live there, people will not be. 

The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Wordsworth wrote, "The density of air and the clouds keep the surface in a state of perpetual red dusk. Two times that of gravity on Earth. 

"The planet was actually discovered in 2007. According to the findings of scientists, one side of the planet is always facing the sun. That is, one side of the planet is always noon, while the other side is always night.


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