Wednesday, May 11, 2011

4000 years ago in china already there aliens

 Weird story about aliens visiting the earth not only found in science fiction, but also in the news and magazines. But the appearance of aliens is not only a contemporary phenomenon - it is also found in ancient Chinese texts. NOTE: This history has provided proof and a sign for the present investigation against aliens.

According to report from China Economic Net, a story in a book titled "Search Supernatural" [1] by Gan Bao, from the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420 AD) mentions about the contact with the Martian.

In the State of Wu, during the Three Kingdoms [2] (222-280 AD), ancient records mention about a boy who has a strange appearance came from a group of children at play. He has a 1.3 meters tall, dressed in blue and has a sparkling eye.

Other children have never seen this kid before, so they surrounded him to ask questions. "I'm not from earth, but from Mars," said the boy is dressed in blue, "I saw you play with joy that I come and see you."

"The condition of the three countries will not last long," said the child. "In the future, the world will become the property of Sima family." Children of the earth fear the news, and one of them ran to fetch an adult. When the adults came, martian child say goodbye and suddenly shrink his body and jumped into the air.

When people looked up to see him, they can only see a white silk dress with a long belt, fly quickly over the sky. No one dared to spread these strange events.

Four years later, the State of Shu collapse. And 17 years later, Wu collapsed state. When the war between the three countries stopped, Sima family unites China, is being predicted by a Martian child. Whether the note is true or not, this indicates the possibility of contact with aliens in ancient times.

According to "Investigation Of Missing Note" written by Wang Jia during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, during the leadership of Emperor Yao [3] 4000 years ago, a ship-shaped UFO flying in the sky above the West Sea [4]. UFO is moving slowly and has a lot of light. The people who are in these UFO hat, and white hairs growing on their bodies. They do not have wings but can fly. "Note the Five Elements" written in the Qing Dynasty, recorded another incident related to the aliens. The incident happened on March the 12th year of Emperor Kangxi leadership [5]. Some people see a black-faced people flying through the sky. Her body issued a red light, such as causing a fire in the sky. When local officials to hear this news and went to see, people are quickly disappearing.

"Chronology of Disaster and Strange Phenomena, Draft History of Qing Dynasty" record of similar events that are very similar to the modern record of alien sightings. In July the 3rd year of Emperor Yongzheng leadership [6] Qing Dynasty, a group of villagers went to the mountains to cut bamboo in Liaojiatang, Wudu in Lingchuan. They saw a villager suddenly disappeared. More than 140 days later, he suddenly returned to his home. Friends village reported that after he returned, he really can not remember what happened to him was 140 days.

Documents and historical records relating to aliens not only reflect the rich history and culture of China, but also give a touch of mystique to the mysteries of alien prolonged. Notes: 
[1] "Search Supernatural" was written by Gan Bao during the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420 AD). This is a compilation based on the legends and stories by word of mouth. 
[2] is the period of the Three Kingdoms Period in Chinese history. The three countries are Wei, Shu and Wu. [3] 28ruler% 29 
[4] West Sea is a reference to the Bohai Sea [5] Emperor Kangxi, Qing Dynasty, reign in the year 1661-1722. The 12th year of leadership Kangxi was in 1672. March of the Chinese calendar is between April and May on the modern calendar. 
[6] Emperor Yongzheng, the Qing Dynasty, ruled from 1722 to 1735 period. In the 3rd year of leadership Yongzheng was the year 1724. China's July calendar is ranged between August and September in the modern calendar.


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