Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Strange Habits of World Footballers


Brazilian football legend is sure if you want to continue to show the best performance, Pele had to play with a team jersey sama.Pernah at one point he unconsciously give that shirt to a fan. Realize that I made a mistake, Pele asked someone to mancari these shirts. Pele's own appearance was not known. Pele shirt was found a week later and he can perform well lagi.Rupanya, a friend gave Pele a shirt does not say if the shirt is the shirt he gave it another.

Bobby Moore

England captain in Entered the era of the '60s until the '70s that has a unique habit of wearing his ball only after someone else in the locker room has been finished wearing their clothes.

John Terry

Chelsea captain would only pee in the toilet the same at Stamford Bridge. If anyone is using it, John Terry will wait for those who use it to complete. John Terry also only be parked in the same place.

David James

bluntly, it expresses the Portsmouth goalkeeper joroknya habit before playing. Ritual is the first silent ranging from H-1 match up to the long whistle dibunyikan.Selain, James is just going to pee in the toilet when no one else. The ritual continued for spitting on the wall.

Johan Cruyff

Dutch football legend also had a habit of not less unique, ranging from making goalkeeper Gert Bals as sansak life while still at Ajax, to dispose of chewing gum onto the field before kick-off.Ritual opponent last time to forget to do when Ajax against AC Milan in the final of Euro 1969. As a result, battered beaten Ajax 4-1 AC Milan


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