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5 Self Greatest Escape

The Maze Prison Escape

One of the most violent prison, the Maze Prison break occurred in 1983, when 35 prisoners escaped after taking control of prison with violence. The Maze is intended for the paramilitary Irish Republican Army combatants and terrorists, and is regarded as one of the most inescapable prison across Europe. But after several months of planning, a group of prisoners led by IRA member Gerry Kelly and Bobby Storey master the entire cellblock by using weapons that have been smuggled into the prison.

After wounding several guards and steal their uniforms, the prisoners hijacked a car and took over a nearby guard post, but when they do not get past the main gate, the men jumped a fence and fled on foot. All told, 35 people escaped from prison, sixteen of whom were arrested again soon after twenty guards were wounded.

The Great Escape

For a mere planning, risk, and scale, escaped from prison will not be much more complex than the 1944 escape of 76 Allied troops from Stalag Luft III, a German prison during World War II in operation. Running away is the culmination of more than one year of work by about 600 inmates.

The men dug three tunnels (nicknamed "Tom," "Dick," and "Harry") 30 feet below the surface of the prison with plans tunneling through the main fence and came to the surface near the forest. This requires a sophisticated construction process that includes the use of wood blocks for support, a series of lights, and even a pump to ensure the soldiers have to dig enough to be able to breathe. After gathering a collection of civilian clothes and passport, on March 24, 1944 to make their escape.

Unfortunately, the short tunnel also coming from the woods, and emerged from there the guards. 76 people still managed to escape, but 77 were seen and the tunnel was closed. Nazis took special interest in prisoners to escape, and all except three eventually caught. However, thanks to the popularity based on famous movies, as well as the scale and audacity, "Great Escape" remains one of the most famous escape from prison of all time.

Dieter Dengler’s Prison Camp Escape

Dieter Dengler was a German-American, American Navy pilot known for his successful escape from a prison camp during the Vietnam War in a prison in the forest. In early 1966, Dengler plane was shot down by anti aircraft fire in Laos, and he was arrested and sent to prison camps run by the Pathet Lao, a group of North Vietnamese sympathizers.

Dengler has earned a reputation for an uncanny ability to escape from POW camps, ostensibly for military training, and he directly contributed to planning the prisoners had to make her escape. On June 29, 1966, he and six other prisoners escaped. After a spur down three guards, Dengler fled into dense forest.

Finally, he spent 23 days in the forest and resistant to heat, insects, leeches, parasites, and starvation before rescued by American helicopters. Only one of the other prisoners, a contractor Thailand, survivors of this breakout. The others were killed or disappeared in the forest. Dengler will continue to be a successful test pilot in the following years, and until today he is credited as the only American soldier who managed to escape from a prison camp during the Vietnam War.

Billy Hayes’ Escape From Turkish Prison

Billy Hayes was an American student who was arrested in 1970 when he tried to smuggle two pounds of hash into the aircraft in Turkey. Once caught, he was sentenced to thirty years in Turkish prisons who have loud systems. Sagmilicar Hayes worked hard in prison for five years, but he eventually transferred to a prison island in the Sea of ​​Marmara, and here he began to seriously plan for escape. The island had no boats, but near the port and there are small fishing boats every time there is a strong storm.

Hayes spent days hiding in the bin of concrete, and when the time is right, he swam to the harbor and steal a small boat. From here, he was able to make its way to Greece, and finally half way round the world before it arrived safely back in the United States.

Hayes later wrote a book about his ordeal called the Midnight Express, which was adapted into a fiction film of the same name.

Escape From Alcatraz

In 1962, Frank Morris, Clarence and John Anglin use months carefully planning to escape from prison prototypical. Trio held in the famous prison at Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, which is reserved for the toughest criminals and is considered one of the most difficult prison to escape. People using a series of tools including a drill assembly of vacuum cleaner motors chip away at concrete aging cells and make them into a ventilation hole.

They then make Their chimneys down to the beach, Nowhere Quickly They gather handmade raft and escaped into the San Francisco Bay. Their escape is not realized Until the next morning, Pls Puppets That Made the uterus a puppet head of soap, human hair, and toilet paper to look like They slept in. Their beds. The men were the resource Never Heard from again, and most Evidence Suggests That They Drowned in the bay, but no body has ever been found.


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