Thursday, April 28, 2011

15 Unique Facts About the Human Body

  • Largest organ in our body is the skin. Adult male skin area about 1.9 m2. The skin constantly updated by our bodies and throughout the life of each person produces leather waste weighing 18 kg

  • When you sleep your body expands about 8 mm. When you wake up your body to shrink again as before. Why is that? It turned out that the cartilage we can expand and shrink (when standing and sitting) like a sponge because of the influence of gravity.

  • The average Caucasian people eat 50 tons and 50 thousand liters of drinking water throughout their lives (ni Indonesian people not know how).

  • Each kidney consists of 1 million single filter which filters an average of 1.3 liters of blood per minute and produce 1.4 liters of urine a day. 
  • Muscles move our eyes on the ball about 100 thousand times a day .. As a comparison, if we apply the same leg muscles by walking 80 km every day.
  • Within 30 minutes the average heat of our bodies make enough to boil a half gallon of water. 
  • A single cell of our bodies only need 60 seconds to surround our bodies. 
  • Foreskin of circumcised baby can grow from the size of a postage stamp to 3x width of a basketball court. Great right. The wonders of science. Laboratory grow this skin to replace skin burns victims. 
  • Since we were born until now there is only one part of our body size gk who never changes - Eye Ball. 
  • According to Darwin (and some other scientists) that was before the appendix is ​​actually the third part of our digestive system. Its function is to digest the leaves! Therefore, humans stop eating raw leaf and start cooking all the food eventually lost his job appendicitis.
  • Our stomach acid is actually strong enough to digest the zinc and tin. Fortunately the cells in the stomach wall us updated so quickly that the stomach acids do not sempet turned so "backfire". 
  • The lungs consist of 3 billion capillaries (small veins). If the veins are connected so one can reach 2400 km in length. 
  • Male testicles produce 10 million new sperm per day .. Enough to replace all human beings on this earth in just 6 months. 
  • Our bones are very strong tu - as hard as granite stone in weight-bearing. Experiment with a piece of bone with a size of a match can withstand loads up to 9 tons - 4 times stronger than steel .. 
  • Nails we need a period of 6 months to grow from the base to the ends of the fingers


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