Sunday, May 1, 2011

10 Football Club With Highest Revenue in 2011

The two Spanish giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona are listed as a club with the highest revenue total in the world. While Manchester United, which is heavily in debt big, fell to third position. Here's a list of clubs with the highest income amount based on the Deloitte report and quoted by Reuters.


Total revenue: 401.4 million euros (about USD 5.107 trillion),
tickets Revenue: 101.4 million euros
broadcasting rights: 160.8 million euros
Commercial: 139.2 million euros

Total revenue: 365.9 million euros (USD $ 4.657 T)
Entry tickets: 95.5 million euros
broadcasting rights: 158.4 million euros
Commercial: 112.0 million euros


Total revenue: 327.0 million euros (USD $ 4.160 T)
Inclusion of match tickets: 127.7 million euros
broadcasting rights: 117.1 million euros
Commercial: 82.2 million euros


Total revenue: 289.5 million euros (USD $ 3.683 T)
Inclusion of match tickets: 60.6 million euros
broadcasting rights: 69.6 million euros
Commercial: 159.3 million euros


Total income: £ 263.0 million
income from match ticket: 117.5 million euros
broadcasting rights: 89.0 million euros
Commercial: 56.5 million euros


Total revenue: 242.3 million euros (USD $ 3.083 T)
Inclusion of match tickets: 87.4 million euros
broadcasting rights: 92.9 million euros
Commercial: 62.0 million euros


Total revenue: 217.0 million euros (USD $ 2.761 T)
Inclusion of match tickets: 49.9 million euros
broadcasting rights: 87.6 million euros,
79.5 million euros Commercial


Total revenue: 203.2 million euros (USD $ 2.585 T)
Inclusion of match tickets: 16.7 million euros
broadcasting rights: 132.2 million euros
Commercial: 54.3 million euros


Total pemasukan: 196,5 juta euro (Rp 2,5 T)
Pemasukan dari tiket pertandingan: 28,2 juta euro
Hak siar: 115,7 juta euro
Komersial: 52,6 juta euro


Total revenue: 196.5 (USD 2.5 T)
Inclusion of match tickets: 33.4 million euros
broadcasting rights: 99.0 million euros
Commercial: 64.1 million euros

from the list, we can see real madrid successfully ranked The first list of the richest football club in the world, followed by Barcelona with a fortune of £ 365.9 million euros. In third position is filled by one of the Premier League giants Manchester United with a total wealth amounted to £ 327.0 million uero.


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