Thursday, March 24, 2011

scientist finds world alien at russia ice

scientist finds world alien at russia ice. many people assuming offshore depth of the sea ices at russia north-west doesn't keep nature uniqueness for photographer. but, oceaninc biologist even find ‘dunia alien’.
with lunge frozen element to catches beautiful monster display, oceaninc biologist alexander semenov success get colourful species appearance never is transcribed previous. natural, that struggle not in vain remembers semenov spend time two year at white sea biological station, russia.
semenov success document glaring difference between species thereunder that ice with species same but berevolusi because alive at warm waters whole world. semenov say, like to quoted from daily mail, fauna sea at cold sea doesn't has resemblance whatever with species same but alive at different world. he is never find this mortal is previous. 

“when i go downwards water for, i am genuinely startled. white sea genuinely show to me a world alien. several mengantaranya be remarkable creature, ” word semenov again.

appearance belong clear pink shrimp sketch, strange sea angel and sea butterfly that resemble edible snail. besides there also ragworm, sandworm and amphipoda crustacean. “sebagian big existing creature only ever is seen by several specialists and oceaninc biologist. they were all lives in cold sea at purilieus in circle artik. ”
even, semenov admit several between that animal can not with baked eye.


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