Tuesday, March 22, 2011

know 7 national anthem at world

kimigayo (japanese: ? ? ? , kimigayo? ),in english often translated as" good excellency power continues forever", is japanese national anthem.that one of [the] short national anthem at world, longly only 11 pothouses and consist of 32 font characters. this song is written in a metrum japanese waka, while leer it written in period heian (794-1185) and the melody is written by the end of period meiji. existing melody in this time is chosen in the year 1880,  and replace previous melody not popular, composed eleven year previous. although kimigayo long be national anthem de facto japanese, this song is judicially new is admitted official in the year 1999 with appointed law hits bational flag and japanese national anthem. after appointed, found controversy hits memputarnya national anthem in celebrations at general school. kimigayo, like also flag hinomaru, by several sides is assumed to be simbol from imperialism and japanese militarism.

wilhelmus dutch national anthem. this song consists of 15 stanzas same make a akrostikhon: in variant old ones, first fonts from to 15 stanzas all forms name willem van nassov. usually only first stanza and sixth,  or first stanza sing. wilhelmus be dutch national anthem commencing from the date of 10 mays 1932.

das lied der deutschen (mean german nation song) national anthem republic german federal that is worn since stand it republic weimar (1922). leer this song is created before german revolution time 1848, that is in the year 1841 at island helgoland (moment that dominated english) by august heinrich hoffmann von fallersleben to voice society mood speaks german moment that hit a" fatherland" with not they have, because german nation roman holy empire outbreak. (vaterland, . he desires so that german more give top priority ally german above kingdoms and various policies unitary in concurrence to compete one another. [1 stanza (strofe) second is meant as messenger song drinks beer. leer this made to perfominged in creation melody oscillation joseph haydn time first is made in the year 1797 as honour song for emperor franz ii, austrian emperor. haydn then put into this song as part from string quartet no. 62 in c fortunate, op. 76, no. 3 the works. in the year 1952, this song melody returns worn as national anthem republic german federal (german west) based on correspondences between german president theodor heuss and german chancellor konrad adenauer,  but only third stanza sing. after german unification 1990, this decision is braced by president richard von weiszacker and chancellor helmut kohl as national anthem republic german federal (ally german). officially, german national anthem only stanza (strofe) third from overall this song draft.

aash al maleek arabian national anthem saudi that appointed in 1950. leer song is written by ibrahim khafaji,  and music by abdul rahman al-khateeb. as kingdom formed country, saudi arabia, as does kingdom arabian bations or another emirate at world, the nationality song contains honour element to king. particularly saudi arabia absolute monarchy formed country.

poem 'aash al-malik:
saari'ii lil-majdi wal 'alyaa-a majjidii li-khaaliqis samaa-a
warfa'il khaffaaq akhdhar yahmil an-nuur al-musaththar
raddidiy allahu lofty! yaa mawthini!
mawthini! qad 'ishta fakhr al-muslimiin,
'aash al-malik, lil-'alam wal-wathan!
the star-spangled banner united america national anthem. leer it written in the year 1814 by a aged lawyer 35 year, francis scott key. this song is made national anthem officially pass congress resolution in 3 marches 1931. leaflet printing copy year 1814 have a title" fortress defense mchenry" (defence of fort mchenry), a poetry then be to leer united america national anthem.

aegukga south korea national anthem. the title literally mean" song loves for country"  or " patriotic song" . this song is not yet is declared as national anthem by government officially,  and up to now still to be national anthem not official. korean national anthem is part from korean symphony fantasia by ahn eak-tai and begin accepted public in the year 1936.

great indonesian song republic of indonesian national anthem. this song first time introduced by the composer, wage rudolf soepratman, on 28 octobers 1928 at the (time) of boy congress ii at batavia. this song indicates to birth nationalism movement entire archipelagoes in indonesia that support idea one" indonesian" as dutch indies router, than mempecah be several colonies. stanza first chosen as when does indonesian mem[p]roklamasi the independence on 17 augusts 1945. great indonesian is perfominged in flag ceremony. indonesia flag is raised solemnly and movement that regulated in such a way so that flag achieves when is song end. principal flag ceremony is held every year on 17 augusts to commemorate indonesian independence day. this ceremony is led by indonesia president.


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