Wednesday, March 23, 2011

aeroplane profile f 15 eagle

f-15 eagle tactical fighting aeroplane all weather that designeds to creat and defend superioritas air in contention in the sky. this aeroplane is developed for united america air force,  and first time fly in july 1972. f-15e strike eagle variant it that be fighting aeroplane attacks that begin worn in the year 1989. united america air force berencana for permanent use f-15 until year 2025.

in korean war, united america fighting aeroplane that can beat fighting aeroplane mig-15 soviet only f-86 sabre. then in the year 1965, fighting aeroplane communities nap the crashedly modern aeroplanes f-105 thunderchief by mig-17 era pasca-perang korean, in war vietnam. united america air force intelligent then is detecting that uni soviet in stage is developping larger ones fighting aeroplane, called mig-25. in war vietnam, aeroplane that has weaponry, distance reaches,  and mobility last for beat product fighting aeroplane soviet only f-4 phantom ii. but, this aeroplane stills has many weakness.

axis air force wants aeroplane better from f-4 phantom. after averse program vfx axis navy (final produce f-14 tomcat), axis air force makes their program self, that is fx (fighter experimental), with spesification for fighting aeroplane superioritas light relative air. three company to extradite proposal, that is fairchild republic, north american rockwell,  and mcdonnell douglas. axis air force has announced that them choose mcdonnell douglas on 23 decembers 1969. design chosen uses double tail wing resembles with f-14, but doesn't use fold wing.

version the firstest, given name f-15a to variant single chair and f-15b to variant berkursi double, moved by bew engine, pratt whitney f100, can achieve ratio weighing push comparison 1 equal 1. cannon without shell 25 mm ford-philco gau-7 initially developed for this aeroplane is cancelled because meet development problem,  and replaced cannon m61 vulcan standard. f-15 also continue use four guided missiles sparrow, same like phantom. permanent wing f-15 pair in aeroplane body that is made wide and flat, help wing gives press-up. development f-15e strike eagle also final produce aeroplane to replace f-111 aardvark.

but, debate in united america air force body hits f-15 too big as fighting aeroplane superioritas air,  and evaluated too expensive to produced according to comprehensive replace f-4 and a-7 cause begined it program light weight fighter (light fighting aeroplane), final will produce light fighting aeroplane f-16 fighting falcon and intermediate fighting aeroplane f/a-18 hornet.


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