Monday, April 18, 2011

yhe cat Diarrhea in Kittens

Kittens can suffer from several cat health problems, especially as their immune system is still at the developing stage. Diarrhea in kittens is one common disease that calls for immediate medical attention. However, since there can be several symptoms and causes behind this disease, you will have to know when to take your pet to the vet. In addition, proper knowledge of the cause of diarrhea will also help you to prevent it from affecting your kitten again.

Causes of Cat Diarrhea

There can be several reasons behind diarrhea in kittens. Some of them are pretty harmless and can be cured easily, while others hint at a more serious condition. Because of this, it is important to understand the different causes of cat diarrhea. Here are some of them:

• Bacterial and Viral Infection: This is one major cat health problem that can affect your kitten and the symptoms can include diarrhea. Feline distemper and feline infectious peritonitis are two viruses that can cause kitten diarrhea.

• Intestinal Parasites: Kittens are very prone to worms and parasites that affect the intestinal system. Roundworms, tapeworms, giardia can cause diarrhea in kittens and affect its health severely.

• Dietary Changes: A simple dietary change can affect your pet with cat diarrhea. Kittens can be very delicate and require a lot of care and attention. A change in the brand of food or the intake of fatty food can sometimes cause diarrhea in kittens.

Stress, use of antibiotics, and feline leukemia can also be causes for diarrhea in kittens. However, once affected, you will have to take your pet to the vet for proper treatment and medication. There are also certain things that you can do at home that will make your kitty feel more comfortable and hasten her recovery.

Cat Diarrhea Treatment

Along with the medication prescribed by the vet, you can also take certain steps at home to help your kitten recover from diarrhea. Mashed pumpkin and sweet potato diets are good for the formation of solid stools. You may want to put her on a bland liquid diet for easy digestion and to combat dehydration at this time. It might also be a good idea to pay special attention to her hygiene so that the infection does not spread.
Taking the proper precautions to eliminate as many factors as possible that may cause diarrhea in kittens together with proper care and the right medication will help your kitty recover from this common cat health problem as quickly as possible


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